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R.Bot — The robot-assistant in the house and office

The idea of robot R.Bot is to create the assistant to the person as houses, and at office. As helps you R.Bot, how many costs R.bot that knows how R.bot you will find on a site www.rbot.ru www.rbot.ru

Your irreplaceable assistant always will gain you.


Development of the year 2007 OKO-2
(On the basis of cars "Gazelles" and "Valdai")


New assemblage -1 on the basis of cars "GASES" and "Valdai" has successfully passed tests for coast of the Ruzsky water basin. Tests have passed in frameworks of a practical training in the Center of Aircraft of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Development of the year 2007 OKO-1

The development of OKO-1, the system for high-altitude video surveillance. The system OKO-1 can be used for safety protection in various social and industrial areas

The high-altitude video surveillance system OKO-1 gained high appraises during the summit of Ministers of Internal Affairs of the CIS countries.

November 11th, 2006 The summit of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the CIS countries on the problems of anti-terrorist protection of transport facilities and exhibition of special technical devices for anti-terrorist protection of transport facilities safety was held in the Institute of raising a proficiency level of Ministry of Internal affairs employees of Russian Federation. OKO-1 system gained high appraise of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, General Nurgaliyev R.G.

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