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Three-dimensional scanner of recognition system 3D Guard

Three-dimensional scanner of recognition system 3D Guard

Principal of operation is based on parallax method of object image registration using of the structured lighting. The projector shoots an invisible structured light pattern onto the face. The special pattern is distorted by the faces surface geometry. The camera precisely records the pattern distortion because there is some parallax axial angle between projector and registration camera. Thus the pattern distortion contains the information about three-dimensional object image.

the synthesis of three-dimensional object image

Advantages in comparison with other similar devices:
the usage of special sources in the lighting system. Their radiation is safety and imperceptible for human eyesight;
original algorithms of signal processing, that permit to achieve the highest precision of the synthesis of three-dimensional object image.

Performance attributes:
the range of distances to registering objects is from 50 to 200 cm
precision of size measurement on the distance 80 sm is low then 1 mm
scanning frequency 25 Hz

Fields of application:
biometric personal identification systems, control of shape and sizes of complicated profile details, multimedia applications etc

Personal identification system 3D Guard is developing now.

 Recognition system 3D Guard

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