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Система высотного видеонаблюдения ОКО-1

High-altitude video surveillance system OKO-1


The system is designed for video surveillance at high altitude with the usage of a small fixed air balloon. Camera turning and magnification are controlled by a land-based controlling device. The system is mobile, can be placed into a wagon for transportation, is easy to use and can be installed and deconstructed by 3 or 4 persons. The characteristics of the air balloon and video camera allow usage of the system on the open territories as well as in the urban area. The system is designed to be used both during the daytime and night-time. Camera is controled by one operator. The supervised area is 3 km.

Can be used for:

• Video surveillance
• Rescue operations
• Safety protection
• Reconnaissance
• Traffic control
• Objects recognition

Main components:

Air balloon
Land-based control station;
Hydro stabilized video camera;
• High-sensitivity digital system for transferring color video
Transport system, which allows autonomous work of 3 operators.

Air balloon

Characteristics of the air balloon:
Max height: 300m
length 9,5 m
diameter: 3,6 m
volume 45 м3
gas: helium, grade B
package size 1 x 0,5 x 0,5

Land-based control station

Characteristics of land-based control station:

Distribution means: fibre-optic cables, radio channel
Control: in pitch, azimuth, heel, magnification level
weight: 3,5 kg
dimensions: 350 х 300 х 180 mm
power 12V

Hydro stabilized video camera

Camera characteristics:
sensor: day/night, Super HAD CCD
        26x — optical magnification
        12x — digital magnification
triaxial hydro stabilization
weight 5,2 kg
angle of rotation:
        azimuth 360 °
        pitch +9 up –105 °
incoming signal: PAL
dimensions: 360 x 360 x 340 mm

Transport system, which allows autonomous work of 3 operators.

Camera compartment:

Camera compartment:
— A workplace of the operator and the commander of a complex with the complete set of the equipment for display and video information registration;
— System of electronic stabilisation of the image; ;
— An ability to live supporting system;
— Berths for rest of calculation of a complex.

Gazgolder (reservoir for transportation and storage of working gas with system of filling of a cover of a balloon);

Technical compartment for transportation of a fastened balloon, with the complete set of the operational equipment:
— Starting base of a balloon with self-contained
— Self-contained system of power supply (permanent);
— High-pressure tanks for storage of gas of 10 pieces with system газораспределения














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