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Real time recognition, invisible for recognising subject




www.rbot.ru The best friend of the person: the robot-assistant in the house and office.
You always inspect house affairs, in office, from any point of the world.
www.metalproduct.ruwww.3dmet.ru Industrial department of the company "3Detection Labs".
Always high-quality services in metal processing

Russian biometric portal.
All about biometric, identification, recognition, biometric technologies, systems, devices, overview, articles, news, providers, producers, equipment.

http://www.biometrics.org Foreign site "The Biometric Consortium". Consortium is engaged in research, developing, testing of biometrical identification methods.
http://www.bioapi.org Foreign site "The BioAPI Consortium". BioAPI consortium was founded for developing of Biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI),.It enables programmers and providers to develop independent platform and devices in which biometric technologies are realized.
http://www.bmstu.ru Bauman Moscow State Technical University is a leader of technical university in Russia.
http://www.bmstu.ru/~rl2 The chair of «Laser and Optic-electronic devices and systems» in Bauman Moscow State Technical University
www.infosecuritymoscow.com Information security exhibition in Moscow ("InfoSecurity Moscow") in which we took part.
www.3dp.ru Rapid prototyping (3dprinting) or rapid production - three-dimensional prototype production. You can create new model-prototype in the shortest possible time.
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