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The main event was in the market of buildings automation and apartment houses from December, 8th to December, 10th in Moscow - exibition HI-TECH BUILDING 2009
More than 100 companies took part in an exhibition. There are leading manufacturers of the equipment and systems for equipment and operation of buildings, system integrators and the install companies, the Russian and foreign professional associations.
Within three days visitors of an exhibition could get acquainted with production of our company, such as robots R. BOT. People could communicate with advisers and receive real representations about different possibilities. The new functional direction for use R.BOT was is presented an exhibition. It is an application in promotion sphere. Undoubtedly these robots will take a worthy place in the industry of advertising and will find the broadest application - from information modules before participation in large BTL-projects because of technical possibilities, convenience of management and the main thing of the non-standard decision.
To familiarise more in detail with possibilities R.BOT-Promo


The company presents its developments at The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2007.


High-altitude video surveillance system OKO-1 provided safety supervision during the State Summit of Russian Federation. Read more


OKO-1 was demonstrated in Rostov.


High-altitude video surveillance system OKO-1 is put into operation.


3Detection Labs tests the first Russian police robot in the city of Perm’.

The robot patrols streets of the city


Specialists and researchers of our company begin developing mobile video surveillance system based on domestic tractive units.


Two versions of 3D scanner 3D Guard II are assembled and tested on special-purpose objects. The system is put into test operation.


Products section is added to the website as well as the description
of high-altitude video detection system OKO-1.


Stargazer robot, developed by ”United robotics club”  with the support from 3Detection Labs, is demonstrated during “Mobile robots-2006” festival  of young scientists and technicians named after prof. E.A.Devyanin, which was held  during The Festival of Science l in MSU (23-30 of October).


 The summit of Ministers of Foreign Affairs
 of the CIS countries on the problems of anti-terrorist protection of transport
facilities and exhibition of special technical devices for anti-terrorist protection
of transport facilities’ safety was held in the Institute of raising a proficiency
level of Ministry of Internal affairs’ employees of Russian Federation.
OKO-1 system gained high appraise of the Minister of Internal Affairs of
Russian Federation, General Nurgaliyev R.G


The company participated in two exhibitions: “Robototechnics-2006” and Interpolitex-2006 where the following new projects were presented:
- high-altitude video detection system OKO-1
- Stargazer robot
- Evronus robot


The decision to support «United robotics club»
 was made.


High-altitude video surveillance system
provided safety protection during G8 Summit in Saint-Petersburg.


In June under support from 3Detection Labs,
faculty of Informatics and control systems, innovation technology center
“MGTU Sistema”
and JSC “AFK Sistema” the team of United robotics club
of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman and
Moscow State university n.a. M.V. Lomonosov “Kronus” participated in
robots’ championships EUROBOT-2006 (Catania, Italy).
This project became an example of successful cooperation
between undergraduate and post-graduate students of various universities
and domestic high-technology companies and laboratories.


Police department of Perm' region puts into operation
high-altitude video surveillance system OKO-1.


The company purchases 3D-printers “Dimension” for prototype
manufacturing from the leader in fast prototyping “Starsys”.
For more information, please, visit: www.3dp.ru


In addition to the machines already in use the company
purchases highly productive high-precision milling machine with СNС
from FADAL (USA).


3DetectionLabs has made a decision to support the “Argonavt-E”
robotics team under the lead of E.Pavlovsky.


Photo gallery with the photographs from the past exhibitions

was added to the About us section of our website.

Was made the decision to establish a company working on
preparation of a team for international robots’ competition Eurobot-2006
(June 2006, Italy).


3Detection Labs will participate in the State Program
“Biometric passports in Russia”.


The company participated in High-Tech House-2005
exhibition in Gostiny Dvor.
Read about our participation in the exhibition:
3Detection Labs at “Hi-Tech House - 2005” exhibition


The company participated in two exhibitions:
“Robototechnics-2005” and Interpolitex-2005
The following new projects of 3Detection Labs were presented:
The system of technical vision

Read about our participation in the exhibition:

3Detection Labs at “Interpolitex-2005” exhibition
07.09.2005 At the exhibition Infosecurity System 2005 the company presented the prototype of three-dimensional scanner 3D Guard and panoramic view system Round Viewer.
25.08.2005 Prototypes of the sphere and hemisphere view systems are finished. Test results are tremendous, better than we have expected!
15.08.2005 Company started to test prototype of tree-dimensional handheld scanner of human face 3D Guard.
10.07.2005 All documents for patenting sphere and hemisphere systems are ready. Company launched production of two prototypes of Round Viewer.
01.07.2005 We started the assembling of handheld scanner 3D Guard.
15.06.2005 Testing of prototype of tree-dimensional scanner 3D Guard was successful.
20.05.2005 Three-dimensional scanner prototype was shown to the specialists, that are working at creating of electron passport for Russians.
15.05.2005 Testing of sphere view emulator was successful. We tried new algorithm of distortion correction.
30.04.2005 Working prototype of human face scanner is created.
15.03.2005 Efficient algorithms of registration of three-dimensional face image are created.
01.03.2005 Original schemes of round and hemisphere view are made.
10.02.2005 We decided to concentrate our activity on developing of systems of three-dimensional image registration with the help of parallax method and sphere and hemisphere view system.
01.02.2005 The orientation of our future activity is defined.
21.01.2005 Scientific group are gathered, it will be engaged in developing and finding solutions of technical vision problems.

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